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    Best practices in animal husbandry and environmental stewardship.
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Our Farms Rasing ChickensGreat quality of life leads to great-quality chicken.

Raising happy, healthy birds is part of what we do to ensure quality at every stage. From their living quarters to their diet, our chickens are treated with respect and dignity. We are proud to partner with family farmers who provide best-in-class animal husbandry.


Breeder Farms & Hatcheries

The first step in promoting healthy flocks begins with our longstanding partnerships with local, family-operated breeder farms and hatcheries. Our breeder chickens produce fertile eggs, which are delivered from hen houses to nearby hatcheries in climate-controlled trucks and then placed in incubation until they hatch. All day-old chicks are then moved to family farms that specialize in raising our chickens to a healthy and optimal size.


Feed & Diet

Healthy poultry farming begins with a well-balanced diet. Our all-natural, high-quality, grain-based feed is formulated by our board-certified poultry nutritionist who works hand-in-hand with our very own licensed feed mills. We raise birds with a nutritious diet that ensures healthy growth and is always free of hormones and steroids, which are prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



Wayne Farms is dedicated to raising our flocks in safe, comfortable environments. All Wayne Farms chicken houses consist of controlled, cageless environments that provide adequate space, fresh air, clean water and readily-available, all-natural feed—all of which promotes normal broiler behavior. In addition, each house is equipped with ventilation systems and heaters to keep the chickens comfortable in all weather.

We often provide financial assistance to renovate farmhouses in need, as well as construct new houses. Over the last 18 months, the company has helped construct 300 new chicken houses equipped with updated features, including increased insulation; higher efficiency heating systems; energy-efficient motors; LED lighting and microprocessor environmental controls. In very recent years, more than 5,000 new energy-efficient fans have been installed in our broiler houses to increase wind speed. This promotes the comfort of the birds, especially during the warm weather months.

These housing improvements increase energy efficiency and help reduce carbon emissions. The improved wind speed and air circulation also decreases ammonia levels and provides more comfortable and environmentally friendly living conditions for our birds.