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    Best practices in animal husbandry and environmental stewardship.
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ourfarms enviropractices 2017Farming with care.

Wayne Farms strives to be a good corporate citizen by providing the highest quality, high-protein, poultry products while minimizing the impact on the environment. We continuously enhance the environment’s quality by conserving and protecting natural resources, implementing efficiency opportunities, mitigating nutrient emissions to the environment and participating in proper water management.


Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Farms

Our farms are independently owned and operated in rural communities by family farmers with a vested interest in protecting their land and environment. Our growers are required by contract to follow all applicable laws, including environmental regulations. Annual audits are conducted to ensure compliance.

We require new poultry houses to be energy efficient, with insulation, radiant heaters, cool cell/tunnel ventilation and solid sidewalls. Electric motors must meet CFM/watt requirements to reduce fuel and electrical use. We continuously work with our farmers to upgrade existing poultry houses to meet these standards of energy efficiency where economically feasible.


The Land

Wayne Farms realizes the need to protect the land we live on. That’s why we’ve utilized innovative approaches in our feed formulations to decrease harmful elements from being transferred to the soil. Since it is known that feed grains have a large environmental impact, we work continuously to improve our feed conversion so the flocks will produce less nitrogen and phosphorous and we can help prevent ground and surface water pollution.

In addition to decreasing phosphorous and nitrogen from our birds’ litter, Wayne Farms requires all of our growers to manage litter and organic waste properly, in compliance with all state and local environmental laws. In fact, we require our farmers to have a nutrient management plan that ensures compliance with AFO/CAFO regulations and reduces our impact on the environment.