• Our Responsibility

    Our Responsibility

    Food that comes from a place of integrity.
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Wayne Farms believes in providing a work place that fosters learning, growth, and advancement. Our employees know when they clock in they can expect a safe environment, collaboration, respect, and acceptance. The same is true for the communities where we operate.

It’s up to us to be stewards of our resources and give back to local and national communities who support us.

To learn more about our corporate responsibility, please review or download our:

Wayne Farms Corporate Sustainability Report


DART stands for
“Days Away Restricted or Transferred”.
Calculated by OSHA, it represents the number of injuries that require time off, restricted work, or a position transfer.
Industry average is 2.90.

Lost Time Hours

13,563,170 hours
without a lost time accident
at all of our
plants, hatchers,
and farms.


The Leadership Focused Team was formed in 2017 as a development group—making a difference through networking, mentoring, and community service.


We added employee use, on-site medical clinics to five of our plants including Decatur East and West, Enterprise, Dothan, and Pendergrass.

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