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  • Chicken’s Place on Future Menus

    What will tomorrow’s chicken menu look like? What will consumers want to eat? We examine macrotrends and previous consumer behaviors to make predictions for chicken’s place on future menus — and help foodservice professionals stay ahead of the curve....
  • Chicken Fiction Fact Sheet

    Most of us didn’t grow up on a chicken farm and could easily be confused about how chickens are raised. And some information that’s being shared is just straight fiction. Let’s tackle some common myths and misunderstandings surrounding how chickens are...
  • Rise of Protein-Based Snacks

    As consumers have less time for meals and increasingly replace meals with snacks, they look for protein-packed snacks to fill the hunger gap. SNACK PURCHASE DRIVERS
  • Health-Conscious Menu Habits

    64% of consumers are eating more foods because of specific nutritional benefits than two years ago. FOUR YEAR GROWTH OF TOP TERMS MENUED WITH CHICKEN
  • Chicken: America's Favorite Meat

    Chicken is America’s favorite meat, hands down. No other meat comes close to chicken’s popularity. Don’t believe it? Check out these statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). In 2018, Americans consumed 93.8 pounds of chicken per...

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