Amazing Chicken Begins with Amazing Care

Wayne Farms

by Joel Cline, Corporate Veterinarian

In a nation where consumers are becoming increasingly more curious about where their food comes from, Wayne Farms is proud to offer choices as unique as our customers and consumers. Our commitment to provide superior animal care goes beyond our obligation to treat our animals with dignity and respect – it’s a commitment to provide people with products they know and trust – which isn’t a one-track approach.

Shoppers have arguably more product options to choose from in the grocery store than ever before, and we know it can be overwhelming to make informed shopping decisions. At Wayne Farms, we want consumers and customers to know that when they’re choosing our products, they know Amazing Chicken Begins with Amazing Care. We never want to overcomplicate things for our customers and consumers, but rather meet them where they’re at.

To provide high-quality, fresh chicken products for our customers and consumers, Wayne Farms specializes in various chicken production methods from conventionally raised to no antibiotics ever. No matter which options a customer chooses for their business model, or a consumer chooses to fit their unique lifestyle, we stand behind responsible animal care in all facets of chicken production. All our products are backed by a third-party animal welfare program known as the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO), so consumers can rest assured our chickens are raised safely and humanely.

Specialized care for our animals begins with our farmers. Since 2017, Wayne Farms’ Animal Care Advisory Committee (ACAC) has shaped our animal welfare program through proactive efforts to provide animal care education backed by science. Each of our farmers undergo training, education and science-based assessment to raise their chickens under superior animal welfare standards such as GAP Step 2 Verified Care, No Antibiotics Ever, Vegetable-and Grain-Based Diet, and Conventionally Raised.

Wayne Farms has a product for every dinner table. Our GAP Step 2 Verified NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken products are sourced from antibiotic-free chickens raised in less dense houses with more light intensity and environmental enrichment to support natural behavior. For customers who value production practices beyond conventionally raised but seek a more affordable product, Wayne Farms offers CHEF’S CRAFT® Gourmet Chicken, raised without antibiotics and fed a vegetable-and grain-based diet. Additionally, Wayne Farms conventionally raised chicken exceeds the National Chicken Council Animal Welfare Guidelines and offers excellent value without compromising quality.

This quarter, we’re excited to celebrate our Animal Pillar by engaging our team in a company-wide trivia challenge to learn more about how Wayne Farms’ animal welfare practices offer our customers and consumers a wide-variety of product choices. Through this pillar event, our team will have a chance to showcase it's Wayne Farms knowledge.

As we kick off the start of a great year, we take pride in knowing that through each of us, Amazing Chicken Begins with Amazing Care.