Amazing Food Safety Week – Coming this November

Amazing Food Safety Week – Coming this November

Providing families with the safest, highest quality chicken starts with Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ firm commitment to food safety. Our family and friends enjoy the same food that our customers do, so we recognize the important role we play in ensuring our chicken is safe, wholesome and nutritious. Although food safety practices may seem like second nature at work, they may not be top-of-mind in our homes.

According to the Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE), 1 in 6 Americans get sick every year by consuming contaminated foods or beverages. Foodborne illnesses can be prevented through proper food safety protocols—which is where PFSE comes in. Wayne-Sanderson Farms is proud to serve as a supporter of PFSE and excited to collaborate with the organization to present Amazing Food Safety Week to our employees this November.

PFSE is the only nonprofit in the U.S. that focuses on consumer food safety education and is well-known for their food safety resources, such as the Core Four Practices and Fight BAC. PFSE’s mission aligns closely with Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ core principles, and our Amazing Starts with Me Food Pillar, which upholds our team’s commitment to go above and beyond compliance measures to produce amazing chicken products that customers trust.

In collaboration with PFSE, Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ Amazing Food Safety Week will be held November 7-11, 2022. Throughout the week, our team will have the opportunity to increase our food safety knowledge and improve food safety practices. Each facility is invited to participate in daily interactive food safety activities, compete for the chance to win prizes, and learn more about the importance of food safety practices at home and work.

To extend the program beyond Wayne-Sanderson Farms, we’re also hosting a company-wide food drive to benefit local food banks in the communities that surround each of our facilities. Throughout the week, team members will have the opportunity to donate non-perishable canned goods—a different type of food item each day. Each person who provides a donation that aligns with the daily theme can enter their name for a chance to win a prize. At the conclusion of Amazing Food Safety Week on Friday, Nov. 11, each Wayne-Sanderson Farms facility will gather their donations and deliver them to food banks, along with recipe and food safety information cards to help others enjoy safe meals at home.

Now that our team is larger and stronger than ever, we couldn’t be more excited to launch this amazing celebration in collaboration with PFSE this fall. Amazing Food Safety Week will be a fun-filled learning opportunity for our entire team!

Amazing Food Safety Week Schedule

  • Monday – Myth Busting Salmonella

Food bank donation item: canned fruits or vegetables

  • Tuesday – Safe Handwashing & Sanitation

Food bank donation item: canned meat

  • Wednesday – Preventing Cross-Contamination

Food bank donation item: canned soup

  • Thursday – Decoding Food Temperature

Food bank donation item: whole grain pasta and rice

  • Friday – Food Bank Donation