Amazing Starts with Me

At Wayne Farms, we know our team is firmly committed every day to caring for each other and keeping colleagues safe, providing excellent animal care, protecting the planet, and providing our communities with safe, nutritious food.

That’s why, in early July, we launched Amazing Starts with Me, a new company-wide initiative that will recognize and celebrate those who work for Wayne Farms for their hard work and dedication. The program encourages all members of the Wayne Farms family to be amazing every day—specifically focusing on four main pillars of our business – people, animals, planet and food.

Being aware and intentional about doing what’s best within each area guides our decision making, resulting in positive outcomes for our teams, our customers and our business overall. Learn what each pillar stands for and how we’re working together to support and uphold these important priorities.


We care deeply for our team and community. Each day, we follow strict safety measures, both to protect one other and also those we love. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and each of us recognize that promoting a Zero Accident Culture means watching out for the safety of ourselves and our colleagues. As members of our local communities, we give back through supporting one another and initiating positive change, making the places we live, work and play better for all.


We work diligently to protect and preserve our planet for future generations. We strive to minimize the impact on the air we breathe, the water that supports life, and the land where we live and work. Every person can make a lasting impact in conserving valuable natural resources, and when our whole company is aligned in caring for the environment, we can make a meaningful difference.


We respect our animals. Chickens are living, feeling animals, and it is our responsibility to raise them properly by providing excellent care every day. Valuing and protecting and respecting our animals is the right thing to do, and we know that our consumers, customers and partners are counting on us to do the right thing.


We are dedicated to producing safe, high-quality, wholesome chicken products to nourish communities near and far. Recognizing our shared commitment to providing the best product to our customers and our own families, each Wayne Farms team member knows the importance of his or her role in assuring our food is safe and nutritious. We strictly follow regulations, go above and beyond compliance measures and strive to exceed expectations to produce amazing chicken products that consumers trust.

Through the Amazing Starts with Me program, we advocate for a caring and purpose-driven culture in all areas of the company to inspire a feeling of strong pride within our team. Those who work for Wayne Farms are encouraged to strive to be amazing each day, and actively look for opportunities to improve, excel and stand out in their individual responsibilities. We know that when our team is amazing, we’re able to create amazing chicken products.

We look forward to celebrating many achievements, especially recognizing those who embrace positive actions and decision-making that benefit our people, our planet, our animals and our food. As individuals, and together, we can confidently say, “Amazing starts with me.”

Stay tuned for more updates related to each individual pillar as part of this series, from amazing members of our team.