Chicken—The Other Holiday Bird!

Wayne Farms

Because Unprecedented Times Call For An Unprecedented Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we cannot help but think about our clucking cousin’s day in the spotlight… but only for a moment before we come back to reality and remember that around here, chicken is always in the spotlight!

Jokes aside, we know that turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving all-star, but this year might provide more than a few reasons to opt for chicken as your show stopping centerpiece.


With supply chain woes and recommendations to only buy what you need; we can already see popular items flying off the shelves - and one thing we know will be popular this holiday season: Turkey. Save yourself the hassle of hunting down that perfect size bird by opting for the ever more available chicken. A whole chicken (or two, or three) can easily be stored away for a rainy day, and at half the size of the smallest turkey they are much easier to squeeze into your limited freezer space (does anyone else feel like they’re playing jenga these days with freezer space?), plus if you do luck out and find the coveted turkey, you’ve got an extremely versatile main dish ready for any simple weeknight meal. We also love knowing that smaller birds can thaw out quicker, make brining a breeze, and cook quicker, saving you precious time in your busy holiday kitchen.


The cost of everything seems to be rising, and a holiday bird is no exception. With turkeys hitting their peak pricing in November, paired with a decrease in turkey production earlier this year that already has turkey pricing up 30%, you can save a pretty penny by choosing chicken.


We mentioned the ease of storing a smaller bird, and the time you can save cooking, but what about the benefits to single individuals and small families? Not all of us need that 16lb centerpiece, and leftover turkey can be much harder to utilize than chicken. Opting for a smaller poultry choice can save you the headache and guilt of tossing those leftovers, and open more options for preparing your protein… more on that below! More oven space? Check. Less storage in the fridge? Check. Less waste? You guessed it, check!


We’re talking versatility for preparation, and endless possibilities for leftover masterpieces! Leftover turkey pot pie or turkey salad might be okay… but we guarantee you chicken pot pie and chicken salad are superior. All of the savory carnivore goodness, none of the gamey bite.

Want to try something new this year? We love this recipe for dressing stuffed chicken breasts, perfect for a solo or small group gathering. (This will link to the November snack byte).

Considering switching to chicken but still want to make that “WOW” impression at the gathering? To get that perfectly crisp roast, try spatchcocking your whole bird - you will really feel like a chef pulling off this showstopper.

Whether you are team turkey or team chicken, we hope you and your loved ones have a magical holiday season.