Wayne Farms - COVID-19 and What We Know

Like most of you, I’m personally experiencing the gambit of emotions when it comes to COVID-19. As a husband, father and grandfather, I think of my family. As a leader, I think of our team members, farm partners, consumers and customers who count on us to stay the course—and be the calm in the storm. In a time of many unknowns, there are many things we do know, and remain committed to, especially now.

We know that the food business is a serious one. People depend on the safe, wholesome, nutritious chicken products we make to help keep them strong and healthy.

We know that customers count on us to continue to meet their supply needs. We appreciate the faith and confidence they place in us: our team members and farmers have helped us earn that confidence.

We know that life and business are imperfect, and unpredictable. The last few weeks are a testament to that.

Finally, we know that we have made a commitment to you through our Company’s vision statement—to be the amazing poultry company, recognized as the partner of choice by our customers, coworkers, farmers and communities.

To ensure that we are able to carry out our vision during these difficult times, we have taken a number of key actions, the following are just a few:

Wayne Farms has:

  • Enhanced sanitation and hygiene-related precautions in all areas, implemented remote work arrangements where feasible, and initiated travel restrictions;
  • Increased education and training for team members on reducing the risk of infection and spread of COVID-19;
  • Developed comprehensive contingency plans for the continued supply of chicken products to our customers;
  • Increased engagement with local health agencies near our facilities and leveraging those relationships to prepare for the possibility of localized outbreaks;
  • Worked with our benefit providers to reduce cost and increase the availability of treatment options for those displaying COVID-19 symptoms;
  • Offered additional discount purchase opportunities of chicken products to our team members and farmers.

On behalf of everyone at Wayne Farms, we want you to know that we will continue to adapt in order to successfully meet the challenges before us, now and in the future, and to be the kind of partner you have come to appreciate and expect.

Together, we make chicken amazing.