Main Course - Spring Cleaning

Wayne Farms

Spring cleaning. It should mean more than just tossing out those old sauces hiding in the back of the fridge - yes, we’re talking about you, Worcestershire.

What would happen if we decided to spring clean our food, ingredients, and menu? Farm to table is a popular concept, but did you know that we can take that same concept and apply it to our own home and business? From the restaurant guest to the grocery shopper, there has been a clear uptick in consumer interest for brand transparency.

Here are some insights you may find interesting…

RestaurantBusiness.Com tells us “Consumers enjoy participating in a brand’s heritage, and operators know that by offering these brands, their customers feel good about their purchase.”

“Consumer demand for clean-label, better-for-you foods has been helping drive growth in the freezer case in recent years” —Supermarket News

A few years ago “clean food” simply meant no antibiotics, maybe even organic, but more and more consumers are showing us that they care about their food story: is it authentic, humane and employee-focused?

Health and wellness, animal welfare, and company ethics are rapidly emerging as top priorities among consumers, and some operators are struggling to keep up.

So how is Wayne Farms helping you stay on top of this industry trend?

We believe that spring cleaning should take on a whole new meaning: A transparent, clean food story that your consumers will love.

Our story? We operate our entire business under an umbrella of principled personal accountability called LEAP—applying ethical and legal perspective to every decision we make both corporately and as individual team members. Animal welfare and ethical treatment is central to our way of growing chickens. We even have an Animal Care Advisory Committee and work with leading industry, animal science and academic experts to ensure our chickens are raised and processed according to stringent humane treatment standards. From the very start, our chickens are allowed to move, eat and drink freely under the watchful eye of a veterinarian, and third party animal welfare audits ensure happy healthy flocks from hatch to harvest. Each step of the way, our processes are inspected by the USDA and our products have been tested to ensure that they are antibiotic free.

On the farms and in our facilities, our focus is on animal welfare and humane treatment. We use approved handling techniques and the latest technology to reduce animal stress and provide a calmer environment for the birds and line employees during the harvesting and slaughter phase of production.

From the way we raise our chickens to the way we nurture our people, the Wayne Farms process is clean and transparent, so the product will amaze our customers and their guests. Nearly a quarter of the Wayne Farms workforce has been with the company for 10+ years—a vibrant and diverse team whose dedication and commitment to quality production and products helps us achieve and exceed the high standards we’ve put in place. Their amazing work gives our customers a range of product choices. Fresh or frozen, prepared and breaded, marinated, grilled or fully-cooked chicken…conventionally-raised, No Antibiotics Ever or all-natural Naked Truth, LadyBird and Chef’s Craft brands…even certified allergen free products.

For every budget, taste and menu, Wayne Farms has a product solution that will fit the growing needs of today's health and values’ conscious consumer. So go ahead, spring clean your food – we can help make it pretty simple!