Amazing Food Safety Challenge

Wayne Farms

By Bryan Miller, Vice President, Quality & Food Safety

With the help of our amazing team, Wayne Farms produces more than 2.6 billion pounds of poultry products each year, supplying popular retailers and food service companies nationwide. Producing wholesome food to feed the world remains at the forefront of our daily duties, and each member of our team plays a key role in fulfilling that mission. In honor of our commitment to produce safe, wholesome and nutritious chicken that exceeds customer expectations, our team will participate in the Amazing Food Safety Challenge to close out 2021.

Every day, we work together to nourish people and enrich lives – all starting with our commitment to food safety. From the family farms that practice quality animal care to raise our chickens, to our plant workers who follow key manufacturing processes to ensure the quality of our products, we all have an inherent responsibility to produce amazing chicken. As we look ahead to the new year, Wayne Farms is committed to helping our team hone in on our food safety skills and never stop improving the quality of our practices.

The diligence of our team speaks volumes to the food safety progress we’ve made as a company. At Wayne Farms, quality assurance technicians ensure that all food produced within our facilities are safe for our customers and for their families – all to create an amazing chicken experience.

On top of the daily protocols we follow to ensure the highest level of food safety, Wayne Farms participates in a standard international audit for food safety conducted by the Standard Quality Food (SQF) Program. Each year, SQF audits each of Wayne Farms’ facilities to certify that our company exceeds the established food safety protocols and maintains a stable food safety culture. It’s important that our employees are well-versed in these programs so we can do our part to make Wayne Farms amazing for our employees, customers and community.

This quarter, through a company-wide trivia challenge, our team will have an opportunity to test their food safety knowledge, learn more about the amazing food our team produces, and expand their expertise in food safety.

As I reflect on the amazing impact we’ve made as a company and for our communities in 2021, I feel immense pride in all that Amazing Starts with Me has become and look forward to seeing where it takes us in 2022.