Together in Culture, Committed to Safety —
Because Amazing People Starts with Me

Together in Culture, Committed to Safety

At Wayne Farms, our people are at the heart of everything we do. Whether on the farm, in the office, or at the processing plant, the individual contributions of each team member truly make an impact on our daily work. Not only are our people worth celebrating, but the cultural backgrounds that make them unique are worthy of recognition. To honor our people and celebrate our commitment to keeping each other safe at work, we’re celebrating with a Together in Culture, Committed to Safety Celebration.

This fall, Wayne Farms will celebrate our amazing people and the qualities that make them a valued part of the team and our Zero Accident Culture. Those who work at Wayne Farms are unique – in fact, over 19 different languages are spoken throughout our company, representing cultures around the globe.

Throughout the quarter, world maps will be displayed in the break rooms at each Wayne Farms location, and we will encourage each team member to pinpoint the place that they or their family are originally from on the map. Through activities like this - and a video featuring team members across the company - we will celebrate the diverse backgrounds of all our colleagues.

In September, Wayne Farms will host a special team lunch. For this amazing celebration, Wayne Farms team members will share a dish that is special to their family, or wear something that celebrates their cultural heritage.

From the beginning, Amazing Starts with Me has focused on the four main pillars that guide all we do at Wayne Farms – people, animals, planet and food. While the first pillar, People, highlights how we care for our staff and the people around us by promoting a Zero Accident Culture, we would be remiss not to recognize the amazing backgrounds of the people that truly make Wayne Farms an amazing place to work.

As we remain Together in Culture, Committed to Safety this quarter, Wayne Farms will recognize each team member that goes above and beyond to keep everyone safe, and take the time to learn more about their coworkers and what makes each individual amazing.