Unique as One, Amazing as Wayne-SANDERSON Farms

Unique as One, Amazing as Wayne-Sanderson Farms

Wayne-Sanderson Farms is excited to launch our People Pillar events this month in recognition of the individuals that help make us the amazing chicken company. This year, we’re celebrating things a bit differently, and giving new perspective to our People celebration. As a company, Wayne-Sanderson Farms is continuously working to instill a self-care culture for our employees and emphasize the importance of caring for ourselves first. That’s why we’re thrilled about the opportunity to give back to our hardworking team in a variety of ways this quarter.

We understand that each person who works for Wayne-Sanderson Farms possesses unique qualities that make them a valued part of our team and ultimately shape our company DNA – whether it’s the hobbies or activities they enjoy outside of work, their unique backgrounds that offer new and different perspectives, or the diverse culture that shapes who they are.

Our company is comprised of individuals from across the globe, and 19 different languages are represented here. This quarter’s events will celebrate the special details that make each member of our team so special and provide opportunities for employees to reward themselves with the self-care they deserve – because what makes us unique as one makes us amazing as Wayne-Sanderson Farms.

This fall, to help each facility team learn more about the unique attributes of those who work together there, we’ll kick off our People Pillar activities with a Community Showcase that represents each individual’s favorite hobbies or speaks to their family history. Through this activity, our team will gain a better understanding and form closer bonds with the people they work alongside every day. We hope this Community Showcase will unveil commonalities among our team, spark meaningful and fun conversations and form a stronger sense of community within our facilities.

In addition to the Community Showcase, Wayne-Sanderson Farms will also host a Self-Care Happy Hour at each facility to provide education on the various Employee Wellness Programs that Wayne-Sanderson Farms offers. Through our partnerships with New York Life Group Benefits Solutions, Marketplace Chaplains and Marathon Health, Wayne-Sanderson Farms has resources to support our team in maintaining good physical and mental health. Through this program, our employees will walk away with a greater sense of the wellness services available to them, including the Life Assistance Program, Chaplain Services and Onsite Health Clinics.

As we celebrate everything that makes us Unique as One, Amazing as Wayne-Sanderson Farms this quarter, I hope we can all realize the importance of caring for ourselves first, so we can put our best foot forward and provide the best care for our animals, respect our fellow people, protect our planet and produce safe, wholesome food.


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About the Author

Bill Love is the Director of Human Resources for the Corporate office and field. Bill is new to food production joining Wayne-Sanderson Farms after 25 years in retail and 3 years as the owner of a shop at home flooring company.