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Now, more than ever, customers are analyzing and comparing labels in search of fresh, all natural* chicken. Our new line of chicken products are delicious and wholesome, without unnecessary chemicals and ingredients. Brought up on family farms right here in America, our chicken is made strong by nature and fed only a vegetarian diet. Raised in humane s tress-free environments, we never ever use antibiotics, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. Always raised honestly, so customers can eat healthy.



Features & Benefits

rwa checkmarkAlways Natural

100% all natural* and minimally processed, our chickens are fed a vegetarian diet, are never ever given antibiotics, and contain zero artificial ingredients or preservatives.

rwa checkmarkAlways Fresh

Our products are vacuum packed for freshness and have an extended shelf life. We ensure a fresh, customer-pleasing taste that ice-packs cannot deliver.

rwa checkmarkAlways Transparent

Clear and easy-to-read packaging includes product descriptions, product codes, packing dates, and other product details.

rwa checkmarkAlways Gluten-Free

Raised on a vegetarian diet and packaged fresh, our chickens are always 100% gluten-free.


*Minimally Processed. No Artificial Ingredients. No Preservatives.

All products can be Halal approved. All products can be frozen. Please contact a sales manager to obtain the appropriate product code for the frozen state.