Animal Welfare



Whether it’s the safe, comfortable environments provided during grow-out, or the humane harvesting procedures we’ve put in place, we believe every animal deserves respect. In the end, we’re showing greater care for our animals while providing more choices to our customers — from conventionally raised to GAP Step 2-rated birds with no antibiotics and an all-vegetarian diet.

Wayne Farms Farmer Partner Scott Shelley on Animal Welfare



Scott Shelley, Beaver Creek Farm, AL

“The biggest misconception with consumers is the way that chickens are treated. Our grow-out houses have a lot of room inside. There’s plenty of room when we walk through for them to roam around.”

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Wayne Farms is Where Food Comes From Process Verified!Recent Accomplishments

  • Updated our Animal Welfare Program with the help of our Animal Care Advisory Committee, a group made up of industry leaders, educators, poultry science professionals and Wayne Farms’ key internal stakeholders who meet biannually to discuss improving animal welfare
  • Audited by Where Food Comes From, a third-party firm, at our 32 GAP-rated and certified facilities
  • Began to eliminate the routine use of antibiotics medically important to human medicine in our feed and at our hatcheries


Watch the video to learn more about Wayne Farms and the importance of animal welfare