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    Our Responsibility

    Food that comes from a place of integrity.
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Wayne Farms depends on its chickens, so it is our moral and ethical obligation to provide the best possible care to them. We deliver a level of traceability and accountability unparalleled by the majority of food production. That’s why we constantly adopt and adhere to the highest standards set by a third party organization.

Anyone who comes in contact with our chickens is trained at hiring and again every year to ensure they’re up-to-date with handling practices. Not just at our broiler farms, but at the breeder farms, hatcheries, and in transportation as well. We also assure our chickens are comfortably raised in cage-free, climate controlled houses, and are given an all-natural, grain based feed that’s always free of hormones and steroids.

To learn more about our corporate responsibility, please review or download our:

Wayne Farms Corporate Sustainability Report

Wayne Farms | ACAC


Wayne Farms’ Animal Care Advisory Committee was established November 2017 to improve our animal welfare practices. It’s made-up of external members who are animal behavioral experts, as well as Wayne Farms employees responsible for animal care.

Wayne Farms | ACAC


All our facilities are externally audited twice a year by PAACO-certified auditors. FACTA, a nationally recognized leader in animal welfare training and auditing, develops the audits alongside Wayne Farms.