• Our Responsibility

    Our Responsibility

    Food that comes from a place of integrity.
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We understand every action has a reaction. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to be more conscious about improving our facilities to help minimize our overall effect on the environment. In order to do that, we partnered with Sustainable Solutions Corporation to perform external audits and help plan sustainable practices across all our facilities.

Whether it’s cutting emissions, recycling water and waste, or enhancing energy efficiency, we aim to be leaders of change.

To learn more about our corporate responsibility, please review or download our:

Wayne Farms Corporate Sustainability Report


We recycled
21% of waste
across all facilities

Landfill Waste

We decreased
landfill waste
by 8%

CO2 Emissions

The prepared plants
collectively decreased
CO2 emissions by 23.4%


We reduced feed use
by 169,000 tons,
equal to 37,000 acres
of corn and soybeans

Water Use

We reused
137,918,357 gallons
of water


We condensed
packaging and
standardized pallets
to reduce waste